Their legend lives on through their ultimate skills and wisdom that has been passed on to us.

To all students: “A skyscraper starts from the ground, a thousand year old tree grows from a seed.” However, a well designed blue print is as vital to a building, like a proper environment that nurtures the growth of a big tree.”

Wing Chun Kuen has become popular in the world today, with thanks to many of the practitioner’s efforts. Meanwhile, we should not forget our ancestors who created and tested the style with their blood and sweat through many generations. Like our ancestor Yuen Kay San, and our Grandmaster Sum Nung.

Traditionally, in the Kung Fu family, a student must learn about “filial piety” first, to do that one will have to understand and appreciated the fact that great soil and water was vital to nurture our sweet “fruit” today. Particularly to a genuine martial artist, who must first strive for moral values, then skills.

On May 25, it is Sum Nung’s memorial day. We are here to pay respect to our Sijo, and never forget the skill and wisdom that he has passed along to us. May all of our Kung Fu brother and sisters, family members and friends please take a bow to Sijo Sum Nung from where you are on such a day.

致眾學員:正所謂:” 萬丈高樓由地起,千年巨樹由苗而成”。更有一點最重要的,就是若要此樹不偏不倚地成長,將來能為棟樑之材。還需經過不斷的灌溉及扶持。今天詠春拳能在世界揚威立萬,廣為人知。除了多謝眾學員的努力外,更應不忘為我們開山劈石的前輩先驅,阮奇山先師,岺能師公。需知道欲了觧中國文化。首先要注重”孝道”。欲盡孝者,則要明白”飲水思源”的道理。尤其是學武者,欲求最高境界,先要修德。今日時值清明又屆岑能師公5月25日生忌,為師在此僅呼籲眾學員緊記,要慎終追遠。對培育之恩,永不可忘怀。此致。